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Surface Book in ifixit hands

Specialists from the well-known iFixit site, who focus on first-rate devices and the ease-of-use of their own repairs, took the Surface Book Workshop. The latest product from Microsoft is not particularly easy to repair, but it is better not to do it yourself.

Mobile devices break down very often, and servicing is very expensive. Fortunately, there is an iFixit site that helps you fix it yourself. Its editors strip off the first factor of each new product, thoroughly analyzing its design for ease of disassembly and replacement of individual components.

This time they took the Surface Book, Microsoft’s latest offering, a hybrid tablet and laptop. After unpacking, it turned out that because of its unique design, it is basically impossible to repair by itself and you should not even try to take it because it will end up with even more damaged hardware. This is why iFixit has awarded this product 1 out of 10, which is the lowest possible.

The biggest problem with the Surface Book is the pasting or soldering of most components, which prevents them from disassembling quickly. The trouble is also the width and the placement of the motherboard, and the fact that the components are placed underneath it, so you have to dismantle everything. The only thing that will not be replaced is the SSD.…

Spotify on board Virgin America machines

Virgin America Airlines has come up with another way to make the time spent on board their aircraft more enjoyable. All passengers using this carrier will receive access to the full directory of 30 million music tracks offered by Spotify and can be used for free.

Air travel is boring, so airlines are trying their best to make time for their passengers. Virgin America is the first US-based carrier to offer its customers full Spotify music.

Every passenger on board can freely listen to music, with more than 30 million tracks of different genres available. They can choose any song or use one of the 60 playlists for songs that are specially tailored to travel with music inspired by different cities. So if a passenger flies Chicago, he may listen to the “Welcome to the Windy City” playlist. In turn, a trip to New York will be hosted by the “Empire State of Mind” playlist.…

Modern technology for older cars

The latest models are equipped with modern systems that work with smartphones. Holders of such vehicles, using dedicated applications can, remotely unlock the locks, check the condition of the fuel, or ventilate the interior on a hot summer day.

Older cars do not have such equipment at the factory, but that does not mean that we have to change the car to be able to use them. Ford has prepared a new solution for owners of older vehicles, which allows them to modernize them a bit. This product is called SmartLink and is a module plugged into the diagnostic OBD II connector. Thanks to him, in models manufactured since 2000, we can use a number of additional features.

In the case of the Ford Fusion of 2015 or the Lincoln MKZ of 2014, after installing SmartLink, owners will be able to remotely lock / unlock locks and start the engine. The device also provides vehicle-related diagnostic information, safety alerts, and even allows you to track your vehicle’s location, giving you better protection against theft.

In addition, the module acts as a hotspot, providing passengers with access to 4G networks, while supporting up to eight devices simultaneously.…

First impressions

-small? These are the first words that popped up when the package was opened. Well, the difference between the iPhone 4 and 5 is about the size of the display – about a centimeter – and the thickness of the device – unnoticeable to the user.

It is black, very carefully anodized, and scratching the back of the case with the nail did not produce any scratches. The screwdriver did not scratch – apparently very scratch-resistant – the back of the phone. If the buyer is afraid of destroying expensive iPhone should invest in security foil. One of the proposals is proven and well-known in the Invisible Shield, which we tested on another iPhone model.

Insert the SIM card before you start up. Apple once again showed that none of its standards did not apply. While other manufacturers have barely begun to introduce devices with microSIM sockets, Apple is asking the user to replace their existing card with nanoSIM. The benefits for themselves, users will not see, wins the card manufacturer and probably the operator – exchange costs. The pocket in which the card is located is known from previous iPhone models. When you insert the drawer, you can start the phone. Most phones have 60 to 70 percent charged. Battery so that the user can immediately begin to configure it. If the user name and password are saved, just start the data connection and START.

Siri, from model 4s has not changed much. The nasal, quite natural voice still has difficulty understanding certain words, but is noticeably better. Siri, like any other chatter, can be disabled in settings. It is good if we have a small data packet and we are not on Wi-Fi because the search for answers is done on the internet.

The iPhone has the same interface that was used earlier in 4 and 4s, but noticeably better graphics.This is best seen on complex animations. The new processor excels in video playback. The results are beyond any expectation. The iPhone 5 on the previous version 4 is nothing like a Vespy comparison to the HSR Benelli R-Series.

Operators and manufacturers charge large fees for iPhone 5.…

The Pentagon secures autonomous helicopters

Drones have been a permanent fixture in the American Army for several years now, and are in every conflict in which they participate. Military laboratories are constantly working on improving this technology and have been testing autonomous helicopters for some time, which will be much more useful in combat.

Armies around the world are more eager to use drons in warfare, as these machines are extremely functional, because they can not only provide a scout in the air, showing enemy positions, but also launch a quick attack on selected targets. Modern unmanned models still can not match the strength of fire with typical helicopters, so the engineers of the American army want to change that.

For several years, DARPA has been working on autonomous helicopter technology, and one of them is the MH-6 Little Bird developed by Boeing engineers. It is a typical combat helicopter, but unmanned, which can attack the selected targets on its own. And you have to admit that it has what, because it is armed with a shotgun, as well as Hellfire missiles and Hydra rockets. So he has a great power of destruction, and at the same time his loss would not entail victims in the people.

Unfortunately, hackers have become more and more in control of unlicensed machines and, in the case of a typical reconnaissance machine, this is not a big problem, the acquisition of MH-6 Little Bird can be very dangerous.

DARPA engineers are working to improve the machine’s communication system to protect it from outside attack. As reported by the media, it has installed an ultra secure encryption system. It was developed by DARPA’s HACMS (High-Assurance Cyber ​​Military Systems) program to identify and eliminate potential threats to the system. This enabled us to create a new programming language called Ivory which is free from gaps that characterize common programming languages ​​such as C ++.…

Cleaning your apartment does not have to be difficult

Nowadays, we are so engaged in the job and the responsibility that finding a time to clean the apartment is bound to be a miracle. There are robots-vacuum cleaners, but their efficiency is negligible, so you have to look for another solution.

Perhaps it was possible to find a 23-year-old Colombian student who developed a cleaning system design called Mab. Adrian Perez Zapata is the author of the sci-fi movie idea, because his concept is very bold and involves the construction of a spherical sphere that is something of an aircraft carrier for small flying drones that would serve as a cleaner. The sphere would not only load dron batteries but would also be a waste magazine.

Drones would not fly freely around the house, of course, but they came out at programmed times, for example, when we were at work.

The project is pure fantasy for the time being, because there is no technology available today that would make such an idea possible. But you have to admit that the idea itself is interesting and many of us would like to have such an automated cleaning system.…

HMS Artful will hit torpedoes for every target

Submarines are the most dangerous weapon in the arsenal of any navy. They are quiet, can stay under water for weeks and have deadly weaponry designed to attack targets on water and land. And soon they will be even more dangerous, because the British navy is testing a new sighting system installed on board HMS Artful.

The HMS Artful weighs over 8000 tons, has a completely new Command Combat System, which works with a whole range of sensors to further target torpedoes more accurately.

The technology has been developed by BAE Systems engineers in collaboration with VMware, Dell and Aish, and is a great step forward in the field of data processing technology. CCS is based on a wide range of sensors built into the ship’s plating and new algorithms that use the data collected by them. As a result, there is a sort of nervous boat system that is one big computer.…

Tesla improved Autopilot

Although the consumer report suggests that Tesla is shutting down the autopilot function, which has recently caused several collisions, Elon Musk, the general manager of the American company, does not want to hear it. Instead, it announces a major update that will seriously improve the new feature.’

Elon Musk reported on Twitter that the latest version of the software marked with the 8th digit will be the largest ever since the first generation, and will bring enormous changes primarily to the Autopilot function, improving the accuracy of options for road observation and obstacle detection.

Tesla’s built-in radar, which is currently used to monitor the speed of the car in adaptive cruise control mode, will soon increase its usefulness. The manufacturer wants the radar to take on a similar function to LIDAR, which is often used in autonomous car prototypes for mapping the environment with laser beams.

LIDAR is, however, a very expensive solution for creating an autonomous driving environment map, so Musk wants to use the radar for that purpose. In his opinion, this will be even better since the LIDAR laser system is based on visible light, so it is affected by atmospheric conditions such as rain, fog or snow. The radar is a completely different matter, because it uses 3.9 millimeters of radio waves that are sufficiently high resolution and penetrate through the droplets and the system can operate at speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour.…

Network harassment causes depression, nightmares and anorexia

Cyberbullying is more of a threat to children than many parents think – such a conclusion can be drawn from a study conducted by Kaspersky Lab and iconKids & Youth. For most young victims, the consequences of online abuse include serious health and social problems.

Cyberbullying is intentional intimidation, harassment, or exploitation with which children or teenagers may be found in the network.

Interestingly, children aged 8-16 are more aware of this threat than their parents. According to the survey, 13% of children and 21% of parents consider them harmless. At the same time, 16% of children surveyed are more afraid of online harassment than in the real world, while half (50%) are equally afraid of virtual harassment and real life.

Parents should not underestimate the dangers of cybercafe. Although only 4% of children admitted to having been abused online (compared to 12% in real life), 7 cases in 10 cases were traumatic.

Internet harassment has had a major impact on the emotional state: 37% of parents indicated a reduced sense of worth, 30% reported a deterioration in school performance, and 28% indicated depression. In addition, 25% of parents stated that cyberattacking had affected their baby’s sleep and caused nightmares (21%). In turn, 26% of parents noticed that their child began to avoid contact with other children, and 20% discovered that their child was suffering from anorexia.

Equally worrying is the statistics showing that 20% of children were cyber-children witnessing other children, and 7% even participated in it. The study shows that children often hide incidents of this type before their parents, so protecting them from this threat is even more complicated, but – fortunately – not impossible.

Andrei Mochola, director of consumer solutions, Kaspersky Lab, comments: “While trying to protect our children from danger, we must not forget that they live not only in the physical world but also in the virtual world, which is equally important to them. On the Internet, children maintain social contact, learn new things, have fun and, unfortunately, encounter unpleasant situations.…

Facebook will offer TV programs

The largest social networking site in the world wants to try their hand at a completely new field for themselves. The media have reported that Facebook is in talks to include various types of television programs in its offering.

Mark Zuckerberg knows perfectly well that in order for Facebook to continue to grow, it has to offer its users something new. Recently, the portal has moved towards multimedia content, and it has been reported that the company intends to offer its users much more new content.

The media report that Facebook is talking to television studios and producers about licensing for various types of programs. Plans include both scripted and non-scripted television programs as well as broadcasts from various sporting events. Facebook intends not only to buy licenses for existing content, but also to fund the creation of original content for the portal only.

Facebook bosses count on the idea that it will help increase the interest of the younger generation, who is brought up on multimedia and is most likely to use mobile devices.…




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