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Nissan Hybrid Drive

Japanese Nissan has introduced a new drive for electric vehicles that will significantly extend their reach. The design called e-Power is a hybrid drive, which means that it has its own power generator.

The biggest disadvantage of electric cars, which have not been able to sleep yet, is the small reach. This makes the cars well suited to the city, but they do not work well on long distances, because after several hundred kilometers they should be loaded, and not always where. Manufacturers of such vehicles, although they are mounting larger batteries, but a blind alley when it raises the price of the car, thereby increasing its mass, which may in turn affect the range.

Nissan has a slightly different solution and has just showed a new type of drive called e-Power. It is a hybrid drive, and therefore consists of an electric motor, aided by a small internal combustion engine, which acts as a generator and charges batteries while driving.

The manufacturer declares that e-Power is not only smaller and lighter than the existing drives, but also has a more responsive engine controller for greater efficiency. Unfortunately, he has not disclosed the battery capacity of the new drive for now. They are smaller than the Leaf EV battery pack, so the vehicle will probably travel less than other models. However, the extension of the vehicle should significantly extend the vehicle’s reach.

Modern technology for older cars

The latest models are equipped with modern systems that work with smartphones. Holders of such vehicles, using dedicated applications can, remotely unlock the locks, check the condition of the fuel, or ventilate the interior on a hot summer day.

Older cars do not have such equipment at the factory, but that does not mean that we have to change the car to be able to use them. Ford has prepared a new solution for owners of older vehicles, which allows them to modernize them a bit. This product is called SmartLink and is a module plugged into the diagnostic OBD II connector. Thanks to him, in models manufactured since 2000, we can use a number of additional features.

In the case of the Ford Fusion of 2015 or the Lincoln MKZ of 2014, after installing SmartLink, owners will be able to remotely lock / unlock locks and start the engine. The device also provides vehicle-related diagnostic information, safety alerts, and even allows you to track your vehicle’s location, giving you better protection against theft.

In addition, the module acts as a hotspot, providing passengers with access to 4G networks, while supporting up to eight devices simultaneously.

Tesla improved Autopilot

Although the consumer report suggests that Tesla is shutting down the autopilot function, which has recently caused several collisions, Elon Musk, the general manager of the American company, does not want to hear it. Instead, it announces a major update that will seriously improve the new feature.’

Elon Musk reported on Twitter that the latest version of the software marked with the 8th digit will be the largest ever since the first generation, and will bring enormous changes primarily to the Autopilot function, improving the accuracy of options for road observation and obstacle detection.

Tesla’s built-in radar, which is currently used to monitor the speed of the car in adaptive cruise control mode, will soon increase its usefulness. The manufacturer wants the radar to take on a similar function to LIDAR, which is often used in autonomous car prototypes for mapping the environment with laser beams.

LIDAR is, however, a very expensive solution for creating an autonomous driving environment map, so Musk wants to use the radar for that purpose. In his opinion, this will be even better since the LIDAR laser system is based on visible light, so it is affected by atmospheric conditions such as rain, fog or snow. The radar is a completely different matter, because it uses 3.9 millimeters of radio waves that are sufficiently high resolution and penetrate through the droplets and the system can operate at speeds up to 160 kilometers per hour.

Low Price With High Quality

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  • Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E
  • Volkswagen Touareg TDI Sport
  • 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

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